Pre-file your Tax Year 2017 property tax appeal


May 2017 - The Stickney Township Assessor's Office anticipates the County Assessor will open Stickney Township for appeal by the end of May.


Tax Year 2017 (payable in 2018) starts a new three year assessment cycle.  The start of the assessment cycle is the ideal time to file an assessed valuation complaint.  In most cases, any reduction in assessed value granted by the County Assessor, or Board of Review, in the first year of the assessment cycle is good for all three years.


Taxpayers who receive the Senior Freeze Exemption do not need to file an appeal.  Homeowners never need to hire an attorney or consultant to file a property tax appeal.


Contact the Stickney Township Assessor's Office for more information.  

2016 First Installment Property Tax Bills


February 2017 - The Cook County Treasurer's Office will mail out Tax Year 2016 First Installment property tax bills to all property owners in Cook County on January 31.


The due date for the Tax Year 2016 First Installment was Wednesday, March 1, 2017.


First Installment tax bills are 55% of the previous year's total tax bill.  All exemptions and changes in assessed value are calculated into the Second Installment tax bill.